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20 October 2014
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Lesson plan: long vowel phoneme -oa-

NLS Ref: Year 1 Term 3

Text level: reading comprehension, writing composition
5. To re-tell stories, to give the main points in sequence

Sentence level: grammar and punctuation
1. to expect reading to make sense and check if it does not

Word level work: phonics, spelling and vocabulary
1. the long vowel 'oa'

Shared text
the toad and the goat by Colette Hiller

Print and enlarge 'the toad and the goat' for whole class reading.
Print the 'Write your own -oa- poem' worksheet for use in independent work. Collect well known fairy stories and traditional tales where boy meets girl. (Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella etc.) for use in independent work.
Go through the suggested activities from this website for independent work (see below)

Other resources
(optional) Copies of additional rhymes featuring -oa- : Row, row, row your boat

Useful oa words
load, road, toad, loaf oak, soak, foal, goal, coal, foam, moan, loan, soap, boat, coat, throat, goat, moat;
High frequency words from the poem: a, in, with, he, to, at, the, of, her, she, his, and, so, they, got;

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Teachers and Parents resources

Long vowel phoneme: -oa-

1. Objectives
2. Whole class work
3. Activities
4. Plenary

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