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23 July 2014
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Lesson plan: long vowel phoneme -a-e-

NLS Ref: Year 1 Term 3

Text level: reading comprehension, writing composition
15. to use poems or parts of poems as models for own writing

Word level work: phonics, spelling and vocabulary
1. the long vowel a-e
9. to know the terms vowel and consonant

Shared text
Ice-cream cake by Colette Hiller

Print and enlarge 'Ice-cream cake' for whole class reading.
Print A4 copies of the poem for use in independent work.
Print the 'Write your own -a-e- poem' worksheet for use in independent work.
Go through the suggested onscreen activities from this website for independent work (see below)

Other resources
(optional) Additional rhymes featuring -a-e-: 'My Dame has a lame tame crane', 'Pat-a-cake', 'Two, four, six, eight', 'Mary at the cottage gate', 'these are the ladies' knives and forks', 'Monday's child'

Useful a-e words
gate, rake, shape, snake, bake, lake, wake, wave, plane, plate, race, blame, flame, same, page;

High frequency words: came, made, make, name, take
Common CVC words to use with modifiying 'e': mad, rag, tap, can, hat, Sam, fad, wag, cap, man, pan, rat

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Teachers and Parents resources

Long vowel phoneme: -ae-

1. Objectives
2. Whole class work
3. Activities
4. Plenary

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