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20 October 2014
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CVC Words

CVC Poems overview

Room For More CVC words:
man, big, pig, hog, dog, (ship)

There once was a man
Whose mouth was so big,
He said he could swallow:
A whole pink pig,
A ship with a sail,
A spouting whale,
A mermaid with a silver tail,
A grunting hog,
A shaggy dog
And still have room for more!
That's what he said,
That's what he said,
And still have room for more!

Printable poem


Pretend Friends CVC words:
Tim, tin, him, (thin, call)

I have a friend.
I call him Tim.
My Tim sleeps in a custard tin.
He's amazingly small, incredibly thin
And nobody else knows about him.
Except you!

Printable poem


Fat Cat Hat CVC words:
bad, dad, nap, mad,cat, bed, pet, net, Sid, wig, (scat, sits)

Sid, my cat,
Sits on my head
When I'm asleep
Or reading in bed.
He really is the peskiest pet,
He thinks he's a wig
Or a giant hair net!
His purring is boring,
It's wheezy and roaring,
Almost as bad as dad when he's snoring!
And 'Ow!' he keeps clawing
My scalp as I nap!
'Sidney! Scat! You mad, mad cat!'

Printable poem


Marvellous Mum CVC words:
sun, mum, tum, fun

Every Saturday, Rain or sun,
We go to the swimming pool
With marvellous mum.
She dives like a seal
Blows like a whale,
Floats like a mermaid
With a silvery tail.
She swims under water
Then turns on her tum
And gives us rides,
Does marvellous mum.
She circles the pool
Like a shark for fun
And we all scream at
Marvellous mum .

Printable poem


Chicken Pox Spots CVC words:
pox, hot, not, (lots, spots)

Chicken pox spots!
Chicken pox spots!
Lots and lots of chicken pox spots!
Hot and itchy,
Scritch, scratch, scritchy,
On my nose,
my back, my toes!
I'm not a chicken, it's just not fair!
I'll be glad when they're not there!

Printable poem


My Dad CVC words:
man, pan, (plan, ship, Mars, stars)

My dad's a boffin,
A scientific man,
He's building a space ship
From a frying pan.
One day he says
He'll land on Mars
And bring me back
Some shooting stars.
Whoever heard
Of such a plan
To whizz through space
In a flying pan!

Printable poem


Fred the Bear CVC words:
rag, sad, bed, ted, his, him, hid, bit, top, run, tum,

I have a bear, his name is Fred,
He sleeps on my tummy when I'm in bed.
My sister Holly, was really mean,
She hid my ted in the washing machine!
It made me cross, Fred looked so sad,
Tumbling around like an old brown rag.
Fred was brave, he didn't cry
When we hung him out on the line to dry.
He's shrunk a bit and his colour has run,
But he's safely back on top of my tum!

Printable poem


Charlie CVC words:
pig, him, got, mum

Charlie's a guinea pig.
I got him today.
Mum said, 'Be gentle, Leave him to play.'
I want to cuddle him
And say, 'You're mine.'
But Mum says, 'Be patient,
Give Charlie time.'

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