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20 October 2014
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Lesson plan: Initial blends with 'l' as the second letter
by Brenda Casey

Shared text
'Cat's Eyes' - a new poem written by Michael Rosen for the Design Council's Star project. Illustrated by Christopher Gunson.

Print out the shared text Cat's Eyes.

Print out (and duplicate) the activity sheets sheet 4a, sheet 4b and any other resources you plan to use from the Print and Do page.
If desired print off and laminate some Phoneme Friends for use in the Whole Class activities.

Other resources

Rhymes and jingles featuring l blends
The North Wind doth blow;
Tom he was a piper's son;
2, 4, 6, 8, Mary at the cottage gate;
Alas, alack, the clouds are so black;
Jack Sprat could eat no fat

Books featuring initial blends containing l
Tony Ross, Oscar got the Blame (Andersen Press);
G Rose, The Clever Tortoise (Cambridge University Press);
Pat Hutchins, The Wind Blew (Red Fox);
Pathways: Stage 3: Slide Down the Rainbow Big Book (Collins Educational)

Word bank
black, blob, block, blot;
clack, clad, clam, clap, clash,
cliff, clip, clock, clog, clot, cloth, club, cluck;
flag, flap, flash, flat, flesh, flick, flip, flock, flop, fly;
glad, glass, gloss;
plan, play, plop, plod, pluck, plug,
plum, plus, ply;
slab, slam, slap, slim, slip, slot, slug, sly

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Teachers and Parents resources

In this lesson plan:
1. Preparation
2. Whole class work
3. Independent work

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