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17 September 2014
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Choose which programme you would like to view the songs words for by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Programme 1: OW/OU
The Cow Song

Programme 2: OY/OI
Animal Hospital Song

Programme 3: Ar/A/Al
Motor Car Song

Programme 4: OO/U
Woodland Walk

Programme 5: AIR/ARE/EAR
The Airplane Song

Programme 6: OR/ORE/OAR/WAR
Report from the Fort

Programme 7: AW/AU/ALL/ALK
Hawk Song

Programme 8: IR/UR/ER
The Surfing Song

Programme 9: TEAR/EER/ERE
The Bicycle Song

Programme 10: SCHWA - ER/OR/A etc
Lobster Fisherman
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