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20 October 2014
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Give us a clue

2 – 4

Sounds covered
All the vowel phonemes.
ow/ou, oy/oi, ar/a/al, oo/u, air/are/ear, or/ore/oar/war, aw/au/augh/al, ir/ur/er, ear/eer/ere

This is a reading exercise which helps to identify the phonemes.

You will need the following printouts:-

4 Lotto Cards   sheet 1   sheet 2
4 Lotto Cards
Print these out on 2 sheets of paper and then cut round them so that you end up with 4 cards.

Clue Cards   sheet 1   sheet 2
Clue Cards
Printed out the clue cards on 2 sheets of paper and then cut out each clue card. There are 32 in all.

Print out the sheet of paper on which the counters are shown and then cut round each of them. There are 32 in all.

How to Play
Each player has a game card. Each game card is divided into 8 sections. Each section contains a word with one of the targeted phonemes written on it. Before the game begins players should read their words aloud, to ensure understanding.

The 32 clue cards should be shuffled, and laid face down in a pile. The ‘caller’ reads out the clue card and the player with the answer to that particular clue covers the relevant square with a counter. The caller may either be an adult, or in the case of children who are confident players, a child who reads fluently.

The first player to cover all 8 words is the winner.

How to print
Follow a link to any activity on this page. When the page has finished loading, click the printer icon on your browser's toolbar or select print from the File menu.

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