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20 October 2014
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Domino sound rules

2 - 4

Sounds covered
Domino sounds 1: (-ee-, -oa-, -ai-, -y-, -i-e-)
Domino sounds 2: (-ea-, -oo-, -ay-, -igh-, -a-e)

Extra Resources


  • Lay all 20 pieces face down on a flat surface.
  • Each player chooses 5 pieces and keeps them secret from the others.
  • Roll the dice to see who lays down the first domino.
  • Take it in turns to lay a domino on either end of a line - (dominoes can be placed upside down, but they must be on either end of a piece).
  • Matches can be made between; two words with the same vowel sound, a word and its corresponding vowel sound or two identical vowel sounds.
  • Players can only lay down a domino if they can say the two words or sounds out loud.
  • If a player can't say the words or sounds or can't make a match, they miss a turn.
  • the first person to get rid of all their dominoes is the winner!
You could stick the sheet on a thin piece of card before you cut it out.
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