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20 October 2014
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  Star Words
  Play in this window   Full Screen mode

How to play

As each Star Word is delivered you must choose which shape it matches - is it the planet, the rocket or the black hole? The word may fragment first (depending on the settings in the Teacher's Control Panel) in which case you must repair it by clicking on the scattered letters in the right order.

At the end of the game you can print out a sheet which includes your name (if it has been entered), a list of all the words that you matched correctly and also the words that you missed.

This activity provides practice at sight recognition and spelling of the 200 or so high frequency words that are identified in the National Literacy Strategy Framework for Key Stage 1. Level 1 offers only the words that are required for the Reception Year.

Using the Teacher's Control Panel
The panel is accessed from the main start screen once loading is complete. The player's name may be entered and will appear on the printed sheet at the end of the game.

Scatter feature (spelling practice)
This feature can be turned on or off in any level, and is only switched on by default in level 3. When active, up to four consecutive letters from each word will move out of the word on screen and must be placed back in the correct order by clicking on the scattered letters one at a time.

Glow assistance feature (help with word 'shape' recognition)
This feature can be turned on or off in any level, and is switched on by default in levels 1 & 2. When active, a glow appears around each word making it easier to match to the correct shape.

Star Words can be played at 3 different levels of difficulty.
A single game will feature 10 words which can either be chosen randomly by the software, or can be selected manually from a list of all the words available before the game begins.

Level 1 - Reception Year words
Level 2 - Year 1&2 words up to 4 letters
Level 3 - Year 1&2 words up to 9 letters

By default the game will play at level 2 with 'glow' switched on and 'scatter' switched off.

Options for Launching the game

Start Game The game will launch in this window with some basic site navigation available.
Start Game in full screen mode The game will launch in a new 'full screen' window that has no site navigation. For users of Internet Explorer 4 (or higher) the window will automatically fill the whole screen. This mode may be less confusing for children who could otherwise accidentally leave the game by clicking on a link to another part of the web site or on another window on the computer. There is a hidden 'close' button in the top right hand corner - alternatively press Ctrl and W simultaneously to return to this page.
High Frequency words
Star Words

To Play this game you need the Shockwave 7 player installed. If you can see an animated 'Jim' below then you already have the right plugin.

You can download the plugin free from here.

Get Shockwave

You will need a 'multimedia' computer (with speakers or headphones) to hear the Star Words.



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