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29 October 2014
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Whirlyword Machine

Start Game - standard Start Game - Full Screen

How to Play
Whirlyword is a 'fruit machine' that makes 3 letter CVC words.

Level 1
Spin the first reel to make new words that use the same word ending. Decide if each new word is a real word or not. If you are correct, the word is collected and added to one of your lists.

Level 2
Spin the first or the third reel to make new words with the same middle vowel. Try to make as many real words as you can. Use the 'Tip' window to help you decide which reel to spin.

Level 3
Spin any reel to try and make words that fit the description given at the start of that game, for example 'words that are animals'. .

At the end of a game (in any level) you can print out a personalized sheet which includes your name (if it has been entered using the Teacher's control panel), a list of all the words that you collected and also the ones that you missed for you to have a second try. To print the sheet press the print button in the tool bar of the new window that opens, close the window when you have finished.

This activity encourages:

  • phonic and spelling investigations and practice;
  • exploring and playing with rhyming patterns; generating rhyming strings, e.g. fat, hat, pat
  • blending phonemes to read CVC words in rhyming and non-rhyming sets
  • representing in writing the three phonemes in CVC words

    Using the Teacher's Control Panel
    This screen is accessed from the main start screen once loading is complete.

    The player's name can be entered and will then appear on the printable word lists at the end of the game.

    Use the buttons to configure the game to focus on a specific word ending in Level 1 or middle vowel in Level 2.

    Options for Launching the game
  • Start Game - standard The game will launch in this window with site navigation available and some playing instructions.
    Start Game - Full Screen The game will launch in a new 'full screen' window that has no site navigation or instructions. For users of Internet Explorer 4 (or higher) the window will automatically fill the whole screen. This mode may be less confusing for children who may otherwise accidentally leave the game by clicking on a link to another part of the website or on another window on the computer. There is a hidden 'close' button in the top right hand corner - alternatively press Ctrl and W simultaneously to return to this page.

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