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13 July 2014
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Print and Do

How to play Soundcatcher

2 or more

Sounds covered

Initial sound game b_ _, c_ _, l_ _, p_ _, t_ _
Final sound game _ _n, _ _g, _ _d, _ _m, _ _p

Medial vowel game

_a_, _e_, _i_, _o_, _u_

Choose which version you want to play, then print the components from the Print and Do homepage.
Each player will need:

  • A game board. Each version has 4 unique game boards - use them all to provide greatest variation.
  • A sheet of Soundcatchers. Cut them out as marked - children may be able to do this themselves.
    Print off and make a lettercube for the game you have chosen. This should be prepared in advance as it can take a little time.

    How to play
    The aim is to cover each picture on your game board with the correct soundcatcher.
    Players take it in turn to roll the cube and must decide which picture on their board corresponds to the letter on the cube. For example, if you are playing the 'medial vowel' version and an 'e' is thrown, then the player must find the picture with an 'e' sound in the middle. In the 'final phoneme' version of the game the letter on the cube will correspond to the end sound of the pictures. The picture can then be covered with the correct 'Soundcatcher'. If it is already covered then it is the next player's turn.
    The Joker - When the Joker is thrown the player can choose any picture on their board, but they must cover it with the correct soundcatcher or they lose their turn.

    The winner is the first to cover all their pictures.

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