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20 October 2014
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Activity sheets for the Literacy Hour

10 new activity sheets each focussing on a different medial vowel or final phoneme. These activities require only a brief introduction from a teacher or parent and are suitable for independent group work within the Literacy Hour. They're fun to do at home too!

Print activity sheet n   Print activity sheet g  Print activity sheet d  Print activity sheet m  Print activity sheet p
Print activity sheet a  Print activity sheet e   Print activity sheet i  Print activity sheet o  Print activity sheet u

Make a Scrapbook

10 activities that include making word slides and word wheels. These sheets can be fixed together along with a front cover to make this term's scrapbook.

Scrapbook cover Print Scrapbook page  n  Print Scrapbook page  g  Print Scrapbook page  d  Print Scrapbook page  m  Print Scrapbook page  p
Print Scrapbook page  a  Print Scrapbook page  e   Print Scrapbook page  i  Print Scrapbook page  o  Print Scrapbook page  u

The Soundcatcher game

A new game that comes in 3 versions: initial sound, final phoneme and medial vowel. Each version consists of a 'letter cube', a set of Soundcatchers and 4 different game boards.

How to play Soundcatcher  

letter cube


game boards
game 1
initial sound
Letter Cube for game 1 Soundcatchers for game 1
game boards for game 1 1  2
3  4
game 2
final phoneme
Letter Cube for game 2 Soundcatchers for game 2
game boards for game 2 1  2
3  4
game 3
medial vowel
Letter Cube for game 3 Soundcatchers for game 3
game boards for game 3 1  2
3  4

CVC Pairs

A cutout set of pairs cards with 8 cards per vowel. All cards feature a CVC word and an illustration. Play with all 40 cards or just those containing specific vowels.
Print out the sheets you need, mount them on plain card or paper and cut out the cards.

Sheet a
Sheet e
Sheet i
Sheet o
Sheet u

Write your own poem

10 worksheets with a short framework to help children write a poem of their own that uses CVC words. Each sheet focusses on a different sound.


Why not submit a poem to the gallery

How to print these activities
Follow a link to any activity on this page. When the page has finished loading click the printer icon on your browser's toolbar or select print from the File menu.

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