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20 October 2014
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BBC Education Digital Media

Producer - Kate Vahl
Assistant Producer - Simeon Jones
Assistant Producer Phonics Year 2 - Liz Holmes
Schools Online Manager - Lakshmi Hughes
Thanks to Sheila Fraser (Producer Words and Pictures Plus TV), Alan Johnston and Sarah Miller(Producers Words and Pictures TV), and Maureen Gallagher (Commisioning Editor, Educational Publishing)
Education Officers - Jenny Towers and Shelagh Scarborough
Researcher - Ian Strafford
Web Assistant - Anthony Cooper, Alistair Duggin
Design - Avco, Simeon Jones, Kersten Bepler

Literacy Consultant for Phonics Year 2 - Judith Puddick
Literacy activities - Sarah Ratcliffe, Anna Vaughan, Julie Evison, Judith Puddick, Brenda Casey
Lesson plans for the Literacy Hour - Judith Puddick, Sarah Ratcliffe, Brenda Casey, Usha Dhorajiwala
Voice over for Poem Pack - David Thorpe
Voice over for games - Charlie Casey
Sounds for 'Whirlyword' - Nick Muir
Voice over for Colin the Clam - Malcolm Freeman
Voice over for Salty Sam - Colin McFarlane
Children - Lily Guy-Vogel, Zakia St. Cyr, Jack O' Neill, Jack Vogel, Alfie Jones, Leon Ekuban, Chantelle Neil, Lauren Taylor
Poets - Sue Palmer, June Mitchell, Colette Hiller and Michaela Morgan
Layout and design for activity sheets - Danny Jones, Lisa Villani, Barbara Linton
Illustrations - (CVC Poems) Kelly Harrison, Tania Lewis, Chantal Kees
Photographs - Paul Ellis, Luke Finn

Original site design and development by
Avco Productions Ltd:

Tina Spear - Development Manager, original interface and frontend design
Daniel Jackson - Project Manager, programming for 'Whirlyword' and 'Snap' games
Sarah Bagshaw - Design and development of Flash 'Poem pack'
Alex Awramenko - Interface design, illustrations, design for 'Snap' and 'Spelling' games, development of html 'Poem pack' and 'Print and Do' activities
Stevon Ritchie - Software development and design of 'Spelling' game

Further games development:

Wordblender - Sightlines
Star Words - Workhouse Ltd
Sandcastle Quiz - BeyondLush Ltd
Write A Postcard - Steve Kelly
Illustrations for Write A Postcard - Ian Ellery

Character Jim appears by kind permission of SFTV
Character Jim ©SFTV 1999


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