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29 October 2014
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Start game Start game in full screen mode

How to play
Help Wordblender make words by choosing a start sound (onset) and an end sound (rime) to blend together. Wordblender will tell you if you're right or not. You might even be able to make some new words that don't exist!

At the end of the game you can print out a sheet which includes your name (if it has been entered in the Teacher's Control Panel) and a list of all the words that you made.

Blender will be learning lots more new words and sounds to play with, so be sure to come back soon!

The game provides practice at spelling and discriminating:

  • consonants and consonant clusters at the start and end of words
  • medial short and long vowel sounds

Using the Teacher's Control Panel
The panel is accessed from the main start screen once loading is complete. The player's name may be entered and will appear on the printed sheet at the end of the game.

Selecting a cluster
The game can be configured to focus on specific start and end clusters. Selecting more clusters will produce greater variation over a series of games, although Wordblender does know enough words to offer some variety of play while focussing on a single cluster.

Wordblender can be played at 3 different levels of difficulty.
A single game will feature a maximum of 9 real words, including 2 or 3 featuring the focus sound plus the following distractors:

Level 1 - some simple CVC words (where possible)
Level 2 - words with related blends, digraphs and end blends
Level 3 - more complex start and end blends, 3 letter blends, blends with digraphs, irregular words etc.

By default the game will play with the 'progressive' level setting: starting at level 1, each new game will be automatically set one level up from the previous game. Entering a new name in the name box will reset the next game to level 1.

Note - to stop a game at any time use the 'restart' button concealed beneath the BBC logo at the top left.

Options for Launching the game

Start Game The game will launch in this window with site navigation available and some playing instructions.
Start Game - Full Screen The game will launch in a new 'full screen' window that has no site navigation or instructions. For users of Internet Explorer 4 (or higher) the window will automatically fill the whole screen. This mode may be less confusing for children who could otherwise accidentally leave the game by clicking on a link to another part of the website or on another window on the computer. There is a hidden 'close' button in the top right hand corner - alternatively, press Ctrl and W simultaneously to return to this page.

Consonant Clusters

To play this game you need the Flash 4 player installed.

If you do not already have it you can download the plugin free from here.

Get Shockwave
You will need a 'multimedia' computer (with speakers or headphones) to hear the words Wordblender
is trying to make.


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