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20 October 2014
Schools >> All subjects for ages 4 - 11 years What is weather
What is weatherWhat is weather

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Lesson Plan for Offline Work

To identify the range of weather in the UK and/or around the world.
(This uses the elements in About weather and adds to the number of localities introduced in Weather and People. The ideas given here could break down into separate lessons if desired.)

Curriculum Relevance
  • England Key Stage 2 Geography: 1a,c, 2a,d,f, 3a,d, 7b

  • Wales Key Stage 2 Geography: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
  • Northern Ireland Key Stage 2 Geography: Geographical skills
  • Scotland 5-14 Guidelines: Environmental Studies - People and Place
    Physical Environment
    Skills Strand
    Developing Informed Attitudes

  • Recording of TV weather forecast (eg Countryfile (for week), six o'clock news (for day)). Link to BBC listings.
  • UK weather maps from newspapers (eg coloured maps from broadsheets)
  • Weather data from UK (eg from broadsheets, enlarged) or from BBC Weather Centre website
  • Photopacks /Resource packs (eg Nairobi, Kapsakwony, Bangalore, Chembakolli, Ladakh or similiar packs from Action Aid; Geographical Association; etc.)
  • Worksheet 3 (for groups 1,2,3) and Worksheet 4 (for groups 4,5)
  • Globes and atlases.
  • Postcard-sized pieces of white card (homework)

  • Teaching Activities:

    • Watch the TV weather forecast. Link to BBC listings.
    • Identify the separate elements (see the About weather section of the website for these - e.g. wind, temperature, sunshine)
    • Children identify: What did the forecast say about each?
    • Re-view the TV forecast to check.
    • (Use the forecast to reinforce wind direction: when the arrows are pointing from bottom left to top right it is a SW wind; from top to bottom it is a N wind.)

      Group Activities

      Group 1   Use UK weather map to identify what sort of weather is forecast for your own and another part of the UK. Record on Worksheet 3, using (own or conventional) symbols and appropriate geographical vocabulary for each element.
      Group 2   Use weather data for the UK. Locate listed places (e.g. in a road atlas) and transfer information to Worksheet 3 (using words or symbols)
      Group 3   Use UK weather map to identify what sort of weather is forecast for the extreme N, E, S, W (or NE, SE, SW, NW as appropriate at the time) of the UK. Record on Worksheet 3, using own or conventional symbols and appropriate geographical vocabulary for each element.
      Group 4   Use a photopack. Find the locality on a globe and in an atlas. What clues about the weather in this locality can you find from the photographs?
      Group 5   As Group 5(?), but for a locality with contrasting weather.


      Record, in your own way, what the weather in your own locality is like now - the wind force, sunshine, cloud, temperature and visibility. Be creative!


      Each group reports on their discoveries about weather in different places, and tries to identify patterns.


      Watch TV News / Newsround / factual programmes for information about the weather somewhere else in the world - as well as items about the weather, look for clues about weather in other reports. Make a postcard from the locality (picture of the locality and writing about the weather) for classroom display.

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      What is weather

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