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21 September 2014
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Activities and resources


Ambleside Primary School
This page collects together some activities and resources to support the Literacy Hour at Ambleside Primary School.

BGFL Primary
BGFL primary offers extensive resources including a diverse range of books for children.

E2BN Clips
E2BN Clips offer safe video and animation publishing for schools, it is a learning tool that has great potential for involving young people in schools in a variety of curriculum areas.

The Star Tower's animated activities help children in literacy.

St Ambrose Barlow Primary School
Spelling resources provided by St Ambrose Barlow Primary School.

Teachers, parents and students use to make the classroom more fun and inspire a love of reading and writing.

The Magic Key
Magic Key provides popular story books online to encourage children to read.

Woodlands Junior School
Literacy activities and interactive stories and games provided by Woodlands school.


Birmingham Grid for Learning
Activities and resources for primary level mathematics powered by Birmingham City Council.
Channel 4 site for mathematics puzzle game.

Kent Grid for Learning
A range of numeracy activities, number poems and maths challenges.

A variety of free maths pages with worksheets, maths dictionary, puzzle, board games and more.

Maths Zone
This site aims to bring together and order a range of free resources discovered on the Internet, which can be used for teaching Maths in Primary Schools in the UK.

A website that specialises in mathematics.

Woodlands Junior School
Fun online interactive activities here to help you not only improve your mental maths skills.


BGFL Primary
There are fun activities to help develop pupils' understanding of science with feedback provided to encourage pupil to talk about their choices.

Canterbury Environment Education Centre
This site allows pupils to explore nature by topic.

Channel4learning - Science Essentials
Science Essentials website is a learning zone for kids, teachers and parents for Key Stage 2 science (ages 7-11).

A site for all has extensive resources on the scientific topics ranging from engineering to aerospace.

Museum box
This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.

Nasa's kids club offers a variety of exciting games to support pupils in learning about science whilst having fun.

National History Museum
The kid's only site has many games and a gallery to help them visualise science in various forms.

Woodlands Junior School
This section of the website supports students with their Science Revision for their Sats and other tests. It contains interactive online science games as well as other interactive science activities.

ICT - Robots
Pupils can design their own virtual robot, and then put it to the test in one of the hazard-filled Zones!

Classroom Clipart
Students can view of many different images from a library of Classroom clipart.

CPG books
The Duck Builder game test pupils ability and develops practical learning, they can save the game on their computer and play as many times as they wish.

Pupils can design their own garden by choosing from the historical examples and then view the garden from different angles.

Northumberland Grid for Learning -Graphical Modelling
The graphical modelling activity teaches students about planning and designing a layout on paper and using a computer.

Northumberland Grid for Learning - Sail the little Red ship to the Lighthouse
This site provides games and planning sheets to help pupils work out their route to the lighthouse

Art and Design

A Lifetime of Color - Carmine's Introduction to Portraits
Carmine's introduction to portraits is perfect for understanding artists and the people they paint.

A Lifetime of Color - Carmine's Introduction to Color
Carmine introduces colour and how to identify grouping, mixing and colour making.

CLEO Resource: Pictures within Pictures
The site has games to test pupil's artistic understanding.

Inside Art: An Art History Game
Educational Web Adventures has many art history adventures that kids can learn about.

Mr. Picassohead
Creative activity for pupils to practice their artistic skills by creating their Picasso style portraits.

Perspective Drawing
This site helps pupils understand perspective used by artists and allows them to create their own.

School Liaison
Primary advice and guidance The site is involves students in analysing artworks in the Portraits in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Tate Gallery - Kids
Students can use their imaginations to create imaginary scenes and places by building an imaginary city.

WebMuseum: Mondrian, Piet
WebMuseum has many paintings illustrating abstract art.

Design and Technology

A Lifetime of Color - The Land That Design Forgot
This online games teaches what design is about for students to get a better understanding.

Crafts for Kids - Enchanted Learning
The site has crafts projects that use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, color mixing and more.

Joan Irvine: How to Make a Pop-Up
The Joan Irvine website teaches you step by step how to make popup

Key Stage 1 & 2 : Teaching Resources : Interactive resources
The Car Shop is a set of activities that allow teachers and students to experiment with colour schemes and methods of customising cars. They can then evaluate their designs.

Material World's Thomas guides children on a tour to find out all about the materials from which works of art are made..

Mr Zippy's Trainers
Pupils can play and learn through this cartoonised interactive activity.

Northumberland Grid for Learning - Lever Linkage
Design and technology students can learn about the different types of lever and linkage.

Northumberland Grid for Learning - The Machine Shop
The Machine Shop, the first step towards designing and making your own technology models. There is plenty of ideas as well as information on tools.

This website contains numerous information sheets and exercises to enhance the study, understanding and teaching of Design and Technology.


This website has a collection of comedy scripts and mini-plays which can be used in classrooms and assemblies.


Investigating coasts has activities to support students learning about coasts.

Generation Green
Generation Green aims to encourage 'greener' behaviour and show that by working together we have the capacity to effect long-lasting change.

Play action games, logic games and jigsaw puzzle whilst learning.


BGFL Primary
In this site, pupils can learn about the Egyptian history from the beginning.

In this site, pupils can learn about the Roman history from the beginning.

British Museum
Pupils, parents and teachers can explore the museum's collection and learn about cultures, places, people and material together.

England's Past for Everyone
Developed by Victoria County History this website offers free local history education resources aimed at Key Stages 1-3.

Channel4learning - History Essentials
Channel 4 site lets pupils find out about who the Tudor explorers were.

What were seaside holidays like in the past activities to support students learning about seaside and its history.

History on the net
This site has an extensive range of history resources including games, revision and worksheet activities.

Lore and Saga
The Lore and Saga site helps pupils understand about the Roman history.
The site has lots of games, activities and resources generated by the UK's museums and galleries.

This website has content for children learning the cello including learning resources, printable materials, videos and games.


BGFL Primary - Moral Mazes
This website hosts a game that helps pupils to deal with morality issues.

BGFL Primary - Stop the Bullying
This site gives advice and guidance on how to tackle bullying using interactive activities.

CBBC Bugbears
Create cool monsters, Bugbears, who speak with your own voice. Make Bugbears to talk about things going on in your life and support other Bugbears with comments and advice.

Channel4learning - Citizen Power
A Channel4 site that has games specialising in citizenship matters.

Safety Centre: Hazard Alley
A website that lets pupils have some fun with some 'interactive' activities and it tests their knowledge of safety.


BGFL Primary - Holy Books
A quiz which tests how much you know about the sacred texts by matching the artefact to the faith.

BGFL Primary - Teddy's Day Out
Help Teddy choose a religion and learn about it.

Dottie and Buzz
This website provides a selection of interactive games to help children learn about religions.

Teaching Resources
A website used for pupils to find out about different religions.


BBC Children's
Children's site packed with educational games and resources.
This site provides worksheets, lesson plans and activities for children aged 4 to 6.

Wallace & Gromit Present a World of Cracking Ideas
A World of Cracking Ideas website with a learning zone and a sporty Cracking Ideas competition for innovators aged 4 to 16. Whether you're a gold medal sports star, a committed fan or an armchair aficionado, this competition is for you.

Advice and guidance

BBC Newsround
Website for the children's news programme with features, presenter profiles, special reports, teachers' resources and message boards.

ChildLine Home
Primary Advice and guidance ChildLine is a service provided by NSPCC which deals with childrens' issues including pshe.

Interactive primary advice and guidance. This site has an interactive animation game that offers advice on issues children may have.

What a Waste
The site contains an introduction to waste with accompanying worksheets and weblinks.

All the sites listed are checked regularly. However, the constantly changing nature of the Internet means some sites may alter after we have visited them. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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