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22 July 2014
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pink octopusWelcome typers, I'm Calla Marie - type i and e with me.

Do you remember the home row? Put your fingers on the home row keys and let's start typing.

fdsa fgf fdsa fgf fdsa fgf

jkl; jhj jkl; jhj jkl; jhj


New letters! First the letter e. Use the middle finger on your left hand - same finger as for d.

fded fded fded fded

fgf ded fgf ded fgf ded

Try typing these rows:

he she he she

shake a flake shake a flake

Now for the letter i. Use the middle finger on your right hand - same finger as for k.

jkik jkik jkik jkik

jhj kik jhj kik jhj kik

ded kik ded kik ded kik

blue octopusNow try these rows:

did he see a fish

she sells sea shells

he hides his fish flakes

Bravo! Now you can type e and i!


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