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Two Cities - Contrasting Localities Activities
Schemes of Work Units: 10,13,14,15 City Tours - Mexico/Belfast City Life - Mexico/Belfast Fact File - Mexico/Belfast Lesson Plans Printable Worksheets
Levels 2 to 4
Knowledge skills and understanding  
1. Geographical enquiry
a. Ask geographical questions X   X X X
b.Collect and record evidence X     X X
c. Analyse evidence and draw conclusions X X X X X
d. Identify and explain different views that people hold about topical geographical issues     X   X
e. Communicate in ways appropriate to the task and audience       X  
2. Geographical skills
a. Use appropriate geographical vocabulary     X X X
b. Use appropriate fieldwork techniques and instruments         X
c. Use atlases and globes, and maps and plans at a range of scales X   X X X
d. Use secondary sources of information, including aerial photos X   X X X
e. Draw plans and maps at a range of scales          
f. Use ICT to help in geographical investigations     X X  
g. Decision making skills          
3. Knowledge and understanding of places
a. Identify and describe what places are like X X X X X
b. Know the location of places and environments studied and other significant places and environments X   X X X
c. Describe where places are X   X X X
d. Explain why places are like they are     X X X
e. Identify how and why places change     X X X
f. Describe and explain how and why places are similar to and different from other places in the same country and elsewhere in the world     X    
g. Recognise how places fit within a wider geographical context and are interdependent         X
4. Knowledge and understanding of patterns and processes
a. Recognise and explain patterns made by individual physical and human features in the environment          
b. Recognise some physical and human processes and explain how these can cause changes in places and environments          
5. Knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development
a. Recognise how people can improve the environment and how decisions about places and environments affect the future quality of people's lives     X   X
b. Recognise how and why people may seek to manage environments sustainable and to identify opportunities for their own involvement          
6. Locality and themes
a. Knowledge skills and understanding through the study of a locality in the UK X X X   X
b. Knowledge, skills and understanding through the study of a locatlity in a country that is less economically developed X X X   X
c. Water and its effects on landscapes and people, including physical features of rivers, processes of erosion and deposition that affect them          
d. How settlements differ and change, including why they differ in size and character, and an issue arising from changes in land use   X X   X
e. An environmental issue, caused by change in an environment and attempts to manage the environment sustainably          
7a. Study at a range of scales local, regional and national     X X  
7b. Study a range of places and environments in different parts of the world incl. UK and EU X X X X  
7c. Fieldwork investigations outside the classroom