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20 October 2014
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Site Overview

Curriculum relevance

The Two Cities website, focusing on Belfast and Mexico City, is designed to provide localities to meet curriculum 'place' requirements for Key Stage 2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the 5-14 Guidelines in Scotland in the curricula area of Environmental Studies. 'Contrasting localities' is one of the main features of geography for this age range.

Content Areas

The website offers different routes and means of interaction.

Belfast and Mexico City are the focus of two main sections: These are specially designed to offer constant comparison of the content areas for both cities.

Within the City Life section users can access children's responses to several questions. This should enable users themselves to answer the questions:
  • What is it like living in Belfast?
  • What is it like living in Mexico City?
Within the City Tour section users can select to tour the main sights in either city, with anecdotes from local children. An extension activity, How maps work, demonstrates the concept of a map - from eye-level view, to aerial view, to graphic representation.

From each of the main sections can be accessed a comprehensive Fact File, with information on:
  • important places
  • sports centres
  • parks
  • transport and traffic
  • annual events
  • weather
  • school life
  • food
  • population statistics
  • visitors / tourism
  • language
  • Past & Future (audio and transcripts of elderly people from each city)
Information is presented as text and graphically, as appropriate.

Alternatively, the same material can be accessed by selecting Belfast or Mexico City from the homepage. This allows for the study of either city independently of the other. Pages are designed to encourage users to remain within the content area for the selected city, but allow connection with the other city if desired.

By using the content in this way you could encourage children to use the content from one city to make comparisons with their own area.

Using the site at home        Return to top of page

  • Read through the content areas with your child, answering any questions your child may ask and explaining difficult words.

  • Listen to, and discuss, the audio clips with your child.

  • Help your child complete homework activities.

Other home activities

Encourage your child to develop an interest in, and knowledge about, the countries and (capital) cities of the world.

When a UK, European or world capital city, or other city, is mentioned in the news help your child to locate this on a globe and/or in an atlas. Distinguish between continent, country and city. Discuss what the city's location indicates about its weather. Find out what the city is renowned for - buildings, people, sports teams, etc. Find out more about the city and country, from the Internet, encyclopaedias, etc.

Help your child to relate the location of a city (latitude, longitude, altitude) with its way of life - weather, clothing, buildings, transport, food, etc.

Find out about the language, currency, customs of the world's great cities.

If you holiday abroad, find out about the capital and other cities in the country you visit - find out about the country beyond the tourist zone.

Focus on the life of children in any city you visit - what do they do, where do they go to school, where do they play, what facilities are available to them, what/where are their favourite places, etc.

From your public library, borrow children's and adult travel books about any country you are visiting and read these with your child. As you do this, identify similarities and differences between the cities abroad and in the UK.

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