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20 October 2014
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Sights in Mexico City

The Zocalo El Zócalo
Zocalo This is the centre of the historic part of Mexico City. Zócalo is an Aztec word although the plaza was made by the Spanish. It is surrounded by historic buildings. Many of Mexico City's parades and political protests take place here. An enormous Mexican flag flies in the centre of the Zocalo. This is lowered by the Mexican army and carried into the National Palace during a ceremony at 6pm each evening.
National Palace Palacio Nacional
This building takes up the whole of the north side of the Zócalo and is where the President and the Treasury have offices. There is also a museum. The Spanish held the first bullfights in the palace courtyard where the walls are decorated with murals painted by the Mexican artist, Diego Rivera. The murals illustrate five centuries of Mexican history. National Palace
Metropolitan Cathedral Catedral Metropolitana
Metropolitan Cathedral The cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Central and South America. It is slowly subsiding because it was built on soft ground. Part of it is built on an Aztec temple called the tzompantli. This means Wall of Skulls, which was an area where the skulls of victims who were sacrificed were displayed!
Museum of Anthropology Museo Nacional de Antropología
This is a very large museum in Mexico City and is one of the world's most famous. It is the place to go to find out about Mexican History from the the Aztecs and other early civilisations to how the Mexican Indian people live now. Museum of Anthropology
Papalote Museum Papalote Museo de Niño
Papalote Museum The Papalote Museum is Mexico City's most famous museum for young people. Children can touch exhibits, play games and do lots of activities which help them to learn about Mexico, the planet and the universe. There is also an IMAX cinema which shows films about Mexican civilisations, such as the Mayans, or other parts of the world such as Africa.
The Templo Mayor El Templo Mayor
The ruins of the Templo Mayor were discovered when the underground was being built in Mexico City. It was a very important sacred site. The Aztecs saw an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its beak. The eagle is still the symbol of Mexico today. Templo Mayor
Latin American Tower Torre Latinoamericana
Latin American Tower This building was Mexico City's first big skyscraper and was built 50 years ago in the 1950s. There are 44 floors and it is 182 metres high. It was also built in a special way so that it will hopefully survive violent earthquakes. It has an observation deck providing great views of the city.
Guadalupe Shrine Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Christians have worshipped at this place for over 500 years. In 1531 a Mexican Indian Christian saw a vision of the Virgin Mary. Since then people have gone to the basilica to worship. The old basilica began to sink into the soft soil and to lean because it had to hold so many people. That was converted into a museum and a new church was built next door in the 1970s. Guadalupe Shrine

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