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20 October 2014
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Number: Negative Numbers

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Negative Numbers lesson plan

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KS3 Bitesize


  • Pupils order add and subtract negative numbers.

Bitesize English fish

National Curriculum

  • AT2 level 5


Teaching activities

Mental Starter

  • Lots of quick fire questions such as:
    "If I have £100 in the bank and I spend £150, how much do I owe?"

    "If the temperature is – 3° and it warms up by 5°, what is the temperature?"


  1. Have a vertical number line on the wall so that you can indicate where to start on the question and we are adding/coming up or subtracting/going down.
  2. Talk the pupils through a few questions with you using your vertical number line.
  3. The pupils do the worksheet.


  • How to deal with adding negative numbers + –
  • How to deal with subtracting negative numbers – –


  • Lots of quick fire questions


  • A teacher-prepared sheet of negative-number problems to work out.

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