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31 July 2014
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Schools Home > Teachers > KS3 Bitesize Lesson Plans > Maths > Measure: Perimeter, Area and Volume

Measure: Perimeter, Area and Volume

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Perimeter, Area and Volume lesson plan

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to access this file. BBC Webwise has a complete guide to downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat reader.

KS3 Bitesize


  • For pupils to understand and use the formula for the area of a rectangle
  • Pupils are introduced to concepts that will help with ratio

Bitesize English fish

National Curriculum

  • AT3 Level 5


  • Worksheet
  • Board marker
  • Pencils

Teaching activities

Mental Starter

  • The teacher puts an equation on the board e.g. 3+4=7.
  • The pupils have to put two related equations on their whiteboards, 7-4=3 and 7-3=4. This can be done with multiplication and division so 205=4, the pupils would put 54=20 and 20 4 = 5
  • Start off by putting an addition or multiplication on the board, as these are easier
  • Build up to division and subtraction


  1. Give out the worksheet Perimeter, Area and Volume. Pupils should work through this sheet
  2. The teacher can then decide upon the focus for the rest of the lesson. If the class need long multiplication and division practise the teacher can stick to rectangles but make up questions that involve larger numbers
  3. The class may need practise at multiplication tables and short division, in which case the teacher would make up lots of questions that involve multiplication tables facts


  • With a more able class the teacher could introduce the formula for area of a triangle or circle and get the pupils to find dimensions or areas


  • Two pupils stand facing away from the board. The teacher writes a rectangle question (of either type from the worksheet) on the board. On the command of "GO!" the pupils turn around and race to complete the question. The winner can stay up and face a new challenger


  • A pre-prepared sheet of questions relating to the level of the group

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