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20 October 2014
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Writing Sentences lesson plan

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Sentences lesson plan

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KS3 Bitesize


All students will be reminded of the different forms of narration. Most will be able to select and sustain a voice in a story. Some will be able to evaluate the different perspectives and how they affect the material.

Bitesize English fish

National Curriculum

  • En3: 1b, 1c, 1d, 2b, 2c, 9a


  • Worksheets

Teaching activities


Remind students about the difference between third person and first person narration. Ask students to name some books they have read which use first person narration.


  1. Look at the worksheet and discuss together what personality/ character each narrator might have, and how that will affect the way they tell their story.
  2. Students complete the worksheet.
  3. Hear students' 3 different versions and evaluate in what way the voice of each is different.


Choose a well known story e.g. a fairy story, or a text students may have already read and ask from whose perspective the story could be told, and what effect the change of perspective would have on the material.


  • Continue ‘A Walk in the countryside' from one of the three perspectives.
  • Rewrite a fairy story or whatever you have discussed in the ‘summary' from a different character's perspective.

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