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20 October 2014
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Persuasive and Emotive Language lesson plan

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Writing task lesson plan

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KS3 Bitesize


All students will be able to identify and use persuasive language. Most will be able to uncover some of the writers' intentions in using specific words. Some will be able to articulate the different purposes of the two extracts.

Bitesize English fish

National Curriculum

  • En2: 1a, 1k, 4a


  • Worksheets

Teaching activities


Give a student one minute to persuade you that the football team they support/ pop group they listen to is the best. Ask other students what words and phrases they used were particularly persuasive and why.


  1. Before reading the first extract on the worksheet, tell students they are going to be looking at a promotion for a castle as a tourist attraction and to brainstorm as many positive adjectives as they can. Hear some (possible link to spelling homework), and ask why a string of adjectives alone would not persuade a reader. Remind them that there have to be selling points.
  2. Read the first extract and ask students what the selling points of the castle are.
  3. Students complete first activity on the worksheet and discuss.
  4. Read through the second activity as a class and discuss the questions.
  5. Ask students to write up a report with exactly the same facts, but biased in favour of the team who lost.


Ask students to sum up what they think the difference between the purpose of the two extracts is, and what they think the difference between persuasive and emotive language is.


  • Learn the spelling of 10 key words.
  • Write promotional material for a tourist attraction.
  • Write a short article about stopping animal cruelty, using emotive language.

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