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20 October 2014
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Helping plants grow well - lesson plan

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FlowersTo understand the effects of water, temperature and light on plant growth.

National Curriculum

Sc2, 3a.


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Teaching activities


  1. Watch the clip Learning Zone Class Clips - What do plants need to grow?
  2. Ask the children to list the factors needed for plant growth.
  3. Show the children the plant display.
  4. Ask for volunteers to identify the main parts of a plant using the labels. This reinforces prior learning. Watch Learning Zone Class Clips - Reproduction in plants to identify parts of plant.
  5. Ask the children if they can remember the LAW for plants - Light, Air and Water, which all plants need for growth.
  6. Explain to the children that they are going to look at the effects of water, temperature and light on plant growth and observe how the plant grows.


  1. Divide the class into groups with computers. Set up each group with the Bitesize helping plants grow activity.
  2. Show the children how to adjust the amount of water, heat and light.
  3. Ask the higher ability group to create a 'Does...effect.. ?' to investigate for each factor.
  4. Ask the children to predict what will happen if the plant has 1) no light, 2) no water and 3) no heat. Ask them to find out if their predictions were correct. How will they do this (reduce one variable, but keep the others topped up)? What has to be kept the same for the test to be reliable?


  1. Ask the children if their predictions were correct. What happened to the plant with 1) no light, 2) no water and 3) no heat?
  2. Encourage the children to observe colour, shape and size and to refer to the main parts of the plant.
  3. Record the children's comments and observations for display. Ask the higher ability group to create two-part conclusions for each investigation.
  4. Ask the children to complete the online quiz to assess learning.


Ask the children to create a poster explaining what plants need to survive and how to care for them.


Ask the children to take responsibility for a plant at home, recording the amount of light, temperature and water every day, and writing up their observations in a table.

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