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20 October 2014
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Mode, median and mean - lesson plan

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Buildings with different heightsTo understand and use the terms 'mode', 'median' and 'mean'.

National Curriculum

Ma4, 1g, 2d.


You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to access the PDF files. BBC Webwise has a complete guide to downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat reader.

Teaching activities


  1. Remind the children of the meaning of the terms 'mode', 'median' and 'mean'.
  2. Display the online Bitesize mode, median and mean activity on the class whiteboard and work through the pages.
  3. Encourage the children to think of a good memory strategy to help remember each term, what it means and how to calculate. For example, 'mode' - think of mode as being in fashion or popular; the one that is most popular is 'in mode'. Or 'mode' sounds similar to 'most'; which number features most? Median - the word 'median' is similar to 'medium' and 'medium' means 'middle'. Which number is 'middle' when they are put in order? 'Mean' - this is when all the numbers have to be added together and then divided by the amount of numbers in the sequence... that's quite a 'mean' thing to be asked to do.


  1. Work through mode, median and mean in the Bitesize mode, median and mean activity on the class whiteboard. Demonstrate to the class how to drag the buildings and remind them of the memory strategies.
  2. Ask the children to work through the rest of the activity in small groups or pairs on the classroom computers.
  3. While waiting to use the activity the rest of the class can find the mode, median, mean and range of different sets of numbers: lower ability - numbers to 20; middle ability - numbers to 100 (allow use of a calculator to find the mean); higher ability - decimal numbers (allow use of a calculator to find the mean).


  1. Ask two or three able children to demonstrate how they used the Bitesize mode, median and mean activity to the class. Did any of them use the memory strategies to help remember the terms? .
  2. Can anyone think of any other good memory tricks to remember the meanings of mode, median and mean?
  3. Ask the children to create a song or a rap as a memory aid.


Ask the children to work through the Bitesize mode, median and mean quiz or complete the Mode, median and mean worksheet (PDF 63KB). The children could also try the Digger and the Gang Trapeze Tricks game.


Ask the children to design a revision poster to help other pupils remember the meaning of 'range'. The poster should remind the children how to calculate the range of a group of numbers and offer a good memory strategy for it.

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