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20 October 2014
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Comment - lesson plan

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Melvin and StevenTo evaluate and compare newspaper articles, commenting on the headlines, authorial intent (eg in language choices), quality and clarity of the explanation and impact on the reader.


National Curriculum

En1, 6a; En3, 9d.


You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to access the PDF files. BBC Webwise has a complete guide to downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat reader.

Teaching activities


  1. Recap on the key features to consider when writing headlines by using the Bitesize comment game.
  2. Using the Bitesize comment game as a starting point for discussion, ask the children to work in pairs to complete the Headline redrafting worksheet and develop effective headlines (PDF 3.7MB).
  3. Show the children a series of photo stills - allow them time to work with a partner to compose effective headlines. Gather examples of the headlines the children have created, selecting the most effective ones to share with the class. Reiterate the main points already discussed.
  4. Read the Bitesize comment pages. Discuss the content in relation to the headlines feedback already given. Elaborate on initial comments, demonstrating the key points.
  5. Watch Melvin & Steven explain commenting.
  6. Ask the children to note the four things they must do if they are to comment effectively on a text - consider the purpose of the text, explain opinions, give examples from the text to back up opinions, give detailed answers.
  7. Recap as a group - What am I looking for in your writing? What makes an effective news article?
  8. Look at the first of a number of newspaper articles as a class, modelling effective commenting/recording of thoughts.

Group work

Watch and read a range of online news broadcasts and articles to interpret, evaluate and comment on, developing the children's capacity to give, explain and back up their opinions.


Split the class into teams and complete the Bitesize comment quiz.

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