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20 October 2014
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Organising Data - lesson plan

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KS1 Maths - Animal Island
  1. To record and organise data.
  2. To interpret information for a graph and chart.

National Curriculum

Ma2, 1a, 1c, 1e, 1f, 1g, 2a, 5a, 5b.


You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to access these files. BBC Webwise has a complete guide to downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat reader.

Teaching activities


  1. Watch Learning Zone Class Clips - Robinson Crusoe animation - tallying on the importance of organising data.
  2. Explain how to create a frequency table for the different eye colours in the class - draw the table on an interactive whiteboard.
  3. Ask each member of the class their eye colour and invite them to fill in their information on the table with a tally mark.
  4. Watch Learning Zone Class Clips - Are dogs the most popular pets? on the importance of asking the correct questions when gathering information.


Medium - Create a frequency table showing the class's favourite chocolate bars. Ask each child to fill in the table using tally marks.
Extension - Complete the Organising Data worksheet (190KB), filling in the bar chart using the data provided.

Hard - Complete the Bird pictogram sheet 1 and Bird pictogram sheet 2 using the information provided and answer the questions relating to the graph.

Really hard - Play the Animal Island Data game by answering questions related to a bar chart.
Extension - Using the information gathered in the introduction, ask the children to set some questions for a friend.


Share the questions created in the 'really hard' group with the class and ask other members of the class to answer them.

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