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20 October 2014
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Number Ordering - lesson plan

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KS1 Maths - Forest OrderingTo order numbers from highest to lowest and from lowest to highest.

National Curriculum

Ma2, 1d, 1f, 1g, 2b, 2c.


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Teaching activities


  1. Give each child a number from 0 to 30 (or according to class size).
  2. Ask the class to hold up their number, wear it around their necks or stick it on their heads. Give them 30 seconds to organise themselves from lowest to highest.
  3. Repeat this activity going from highest to lowest.
  4. As an extension ask the children to split into odd and even numbers or multiples of 2 or 5.
  5. Watch Learning Zone Class Clips - Ordering One Digit Numbers and Learning Zone Class Clips - Ordering Two Digit Numbers.


Medium - Play the Forest Ordering game (medium level), placing numbers in order from lowest to highest. When this is completed ask the children to try the hard-level game, ordering from highest to lowest.
Extension - Hide some numbers in a rice or sand tray. Ask the children to pick five numbers and place them in order from lowest to highest, then from highest to lowest.

Hard - Complete Number Ordering worksheet 1 (PDF 106KB) and Number Ordering worksheet 2 (PDF 102KB), putting numbers in order from lowest to highest.
Extension - Roll three dice to gain a 3-digit number. Repeat until there are five 3-digit numbers, then record them in order from lowest to highest and then from highest to lowest. Or play the Mend the Number Square game, filling in the missing numbers on the square.

Really hard - Place number cards around the room on differently coloured paper. Ask the children to choose a colour and find all the numbers in that group. When the numbers have been collected ask them to record them from lowest to highest and then from highest to lowest.


Play the Starship Number Jumbler game (More or less) as a class.

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