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20 October 2014
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Length, Weight and Measures - lesson plan

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KS1 Maths
  1. To know which units to use when measuring and weighing.
  2. To be able to read from a scale.
  3. To order weights and measurement.

National Curriculum

Ma2, 1c, 1e, 1f, 3a, 3e, 4a.


You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to access these files. BBC Webwise has a complete guide to downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat reader.

Teaching activities


  1. Watch Learning Zone Class Clips - Reading scales, which explains how different equipment is used for measuring different things (particularly distances).
  2. Show the children some items, such as a book, a camera and a drink.
  3. Explain that you want to measure the length of the book, the weight of the camera and the volume of the drink but you need their help to decide which units and equipment to use. The task can be made easier by displaying the different measurements and equipment on a whiteboard.
  4. Ask the children to discuss their answers with a partner before saying what they have chosen.


Medium - Play the Harbour Measurements game, selecting the correct weights and lengths.

Hard - Complete the Length, Weight and Measures worksheet 2 (PDF 144KB), selecting the correct units and equipment from a given list.
Extension - Find items around the classroom and record the equipment that would be used to calculate their length and weight.

Really hard - Find items around the classroom that can be measured with a ruler. Record the results and then place them in order, from shortest to longest. Repeat this activity, but this time finding out the weights of objects and ordering them.


Play the Starship Alien Measurements game as a class, measuring the ingredients to bake a cake.

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