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20 October 2014
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Bang Goes the Theory - Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plan 2: Investigating friction

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Investigating friction (Page 12 of the Teacher's Pack)

Download the lesson plan

Investigating friction (950 KB)

Suitable for: 11-14 years

Curriculum and learning links:

  • Forces, friction, energy transfer

Learning objectives:

  • Describe what friction is
  • Plan and complete an investigation into friction
  • Recognise friction in real world contexts

Clip 3: Pulp friction - Dr Yan demonstrates the power of friction by interleafing two paperback books and asks members of the public to try to pull them apart.

Clip 4: Science of skiing - Dallas explores the science behind ski racing, including how friction allows skis to slide on snow and the effect of pouring liquid nitrogen on skis.
He also looks into the science behind ski technology including the use of grooves and wax on skis to improve their performance.

Clip 5: Spider-Jem - Jem climbs a sheer BBC building with gloves built from ordinary vacuum cleaners.

Clip 6: Avalanches - Jem investigates avalanches in Scotland. He explains how avalanches form with a demonstration using dried potato, flour and crisps.

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