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20 October 2014
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Lesson Plan 15: The electromagnetic spectrum

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The electromagnetic spectrum (Page 79 of the Teacher's Pack)

Download the lesson plan

The electromagnetic spectrum (1.0 MB)

Suitable for: 14-16 years

Curriculum and learning links:

  • Waves, electromagnetic spectrum

Learning objectives:

  • State that all electromagnetic radiation travels through a vacuum at the speed of light, which is 3 x 108m/s
  • Explain the differences between types of electromagnetic radiation and describe uses for them

Clip 41: Speed of light - Dr Yan explains what would happen to the headlights on a car if it could approach the speed of light.

Clip 42: Microwave power - Jem investigates new sources of energy and demonstrates how radio waves can power an LED. He also converts a microwave into a giant energy transmitter to power a remote-controlled helicopter.

Clip 43: Infrared - Jem looks into the possibility of using infrared antennas to generate electricity in the future.

Clip 44: Melting glass - Dr Yan melts glass in a microwave.

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