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20 October 2014
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Lesson Plan 14: Investigating geological processes

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Investigating geological processes (Page 73 of the Teacher's Pack)

Download the lesson plan

Investigating geological processes (1.3 MB)

Suitable for: 11-16 years

Curriculum and learning links:

  • Rock cycle, igneous rocks, heating and cooling

Learning objectives:

  • State that rapid heating and cooling can cause shattering and describe how this can weather rocks
  • State and explain the link between rate of cooling of an igneous rock and the size of the crystals made

Clip 37: Ash cloud - Dallas heads to Cranfield Airfield with the Natural Environment Research Council to take samples from the Icelandic ash cloud.

Clip 38: Volcanic eruption - Liz looks at the nature of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption and why it could have caused problems for aircraft.

Clip 39: Jet engines - Jem demonstrates how jet engines work and explains how volcanic dust can melt in the combustion chamber and stick to the turbine blades in a layer of molten glass.

Clip 40: Ash and aircraft - Jem explains how volcanic ash can disrupt aircraft instrumentation.

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