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20 October 2014
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Lesson Plan 10: Sampling techniques

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Sampling techniques (Page 47 of the Teacher's Pack)

Download the lesson plan

Sampling techniques (3.1 MB)

Suitable for: 11-16 years

Curriculum and learning links:

  • Ecological sampling techniques, reliability

Learning objectives:

  • Describe how to collect data using a quadrat
  • Explain why it is important to take repeat readings when collecting scientific data

Clip 26: Cow-spotting - Liz and Dallas introduce the theory that cows align themselves with the Earth's magnetic field.

Clip 27: Cow-compass - Liz aims to prove if cows really do align themselves in a north-south direction when grazing by going cow-spotting from a helicopter.

Clip 28: Magnetic field? - Liz and Jem reveal the results of their cow alignment investigation.

Clip 29: Moo-monitor - Jem takes the cow alignment investigation to a new level with the invention of the moo-monitor to analyse the alignment of a herd of cows over a month.

Clip 30: Dr Yan on magnetic cows - Dr Yan explains the thinking behind Jem's moo-monitor - a device built to determine if cows align themselves in a north-south direction.

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