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20 October 2014
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Lesson Plan 1: Habituation

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Habituation (Page 5 of the Teacher's Pack)

Download the lesson plan

Habituation (1.17 MB)

Suitable for: 14–16 years

Curriculum and learning links:

  • Behaviour

Learning objectives:

  • State that habituation is a very simple form of learning
  • Describe how animals learn to ignore a repeated stimulus that is not associated with a negative consequence
  • Explain the importance of habituation in the learning of young animals

Clip 1.1: Sensory adaptation - Dr Yan demonstrates thermal habituation and explains the science behind habituation (desensitisation, sensory adaptation) and why it is important for humans.

Clip 1.2: Habituation - Liz habituates herself to immersion in cold water.

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