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22 August 2014
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Adventure In The Museum

Audio Clip
Ben, Lauren and Midge outside the Museum.Audio Clip

"Museums are boring," groaned Ben. "And now I'm stuck with you two! " he scowled at Lauren and Midge, his two sisters.
"Actually," said Lauren. "It's not boring at all - there's a special exhibition of jewels and we're just in time for the last guided tour of the day."
Midge didn't say anything. She was sulking. She had lost her favourite bear and nobody seemed to care.

Ben and Lauren looking at the Jewels.Audio Clip

They hurried into the museum and headed for the Jewels of the East exhibition. A giant model of a Javanese soldier stood at the door. Ben was impressed by that. Lauren preferred the jewels, which glittered like stars.

The Tour GuideAudio Clip

"Whatever you do, do not cross these lines or lasers will trigger an alarm and before you can say 'Krakatoa' you'll be surrounded by the police," warned the tour guide.

Lauren immediately shuffled back from the line but Ben let go of Midge's hand to move forward and take a look.

Ben whispering in Lauren's Ear.Audio Clip

Ben couldn't see Midge anywhere but he did see Lauren. She was staring at a crown and necklace that glowed with diamonds.
"I've lost Midge," he whispered. Just then he glimpsed something moving in the stuffed animal room. Could that be Midge?

Ben, Lauren and Midge gazing at the old bear in a glass cage.Audio Clip

Cautiously, the two children sneaked away from the tour and slipped into the animal room.
At first all they could see were dusty old animals. Then they spotted her. She was gazing up at an old bear in a glass cage.

"Can I have a new teddy like that?" she asked.

The children hiding behind the display of MeerkatsAudio Clip

"Did you see that?" she hissed. A small door at the back of the glass case had opened slightly and two eyes had peered out.

The children crouched behind a display of meerkats kept watch and waited. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and a door crashed in the distance. The museum had closed. The children were locked in!

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