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20 October 2014
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Audio Clip

The Three Bears

Goldilocks was in trouble. She was in BIG trouble. She had three angry bears looking for her and worse than that she had one angry mum who would want an explanation.
Audio Clip  

It had all started when she spotted the little house in the woods. The door swung open and what did she see? A little table set with three steaming bowls of porridge.
Audio Clip

First, she tried the big bowl. Yuck! It was bitter. It was burnt. It was disgusting!

Then she tried a smaller bowl. It was horrible, hot and very, very lumpy. Finally she turned to the little bowl. Perfect! Slurp slurp slurp she ate it all up.
Audio Clip

Goldilocks looking at the Three Bear's chairs.Audio Clip

After her meal, she was snoozy. She tried the big chair, but it was much too high. Next, she tried the smaller chair . It was far too low . However, the littlest chair was perfect! Goldilocks bounced up and down in it - perhaps she bounced rather too much because with a loud BOING! the chair fell apart.

Goldilocks sitting on Baby Bear's chair.Audio Clip

After this, Goldilocks was really tired so she tried the beds. The bigger bed was unbearably hard . It was like trying to rest on a plank. So she tried the smaller bed . This one was ridiculously soft. It was like trying to snuggle down in candy floss. Fortunately, the smallest bed was perfect!

Goldilocks sleeping in Baby Bear's bed.Audio Clip

Soon Goldilocks was fast asleep and snoring. She was drifting into a delicious dream when she was suddenly awoken by the screams of a nervous bear. Of course Goldilocks jumped up and ran away.

Babybear discovering Goldilocks in his bed.Audio Clip

It all sounded perfectly reasonable to Goldilocks so she explained it just like that to her Mum.
Her mother was not convinced. "Disgraceful!" she declared.
"You just sit right down and write a letter to apologise!"
Goldilocks sighed, selected her best felt tip and began:

She signed her letter, folded it, put it in an envelope and skipped to the post box.

Goldilocks writing a letter.

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