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20 October 2014
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Thirty Quirky Birds Poem | The Meerkats Poem | The OW Poem | The Hairy Bears Poem

Curriculum Relevance | Objectives | Poems Overview
How to use in a classroom | Extension activities

Curriculum Relevance
En 1 Speaking and Listening 1f, 2f and 9c
En2 Reading 1a, 1c, 1e, 1g, 3d, 3e, 6a, 6e and 6g
En3 Writing 3b, 4c and 12


Spelling - Vowel phonemes: er, eer,ow, air


Poems overview
The poems tell stories using words that use 4 vowel phonemes.
The OW Poem covers the OW vowel phoneme and tells the story about a storm.
The Hairy Bears Poem covers the AIR vowel phoneme and is about the bears who discover a hare in their house.
The Meerkats Poem is about five little meerkats and covers the EER phoneme.
The Thirty Quirky Birds Poem covers the ER vowel phoneme and is about Bertie Bird who can't fly.


How to use in a classroom
  • Start by talking about the pictures – what the pictures are and what information the pictures convey.
  • Talk about what the poem's about and any difficult words.
  • Talk about the layout of the poem, the sentence structure, punctuation etc.
  • Ask them what the poem sounds like – rhyme, tone, sound in the words.
  • Have the children take it in turn to pick out the relevant vowel sounds, or have them underline them if working with a print out.
  • Read the poem out together, breaking the children into different groups to read different verses or parts, emphasising the relevant vowel sounds.
  • Listen to the poem being read out from the website.

Extension activities
  • Get the children to work in pairs and list as many words as they can think of using the relevant vowel sound. See who has the longest list.
  • Get the children to write their own poem using the vowel sound basing it around a character from Starship eg Star or Hutch.

TV Programme 1 : ER vowel phoneme
TV Programme 2 : EER vowel phoneme
TV Programme 3 : OW vowel phone
TV Programme 4 : AIR vowel phoneme
Online Games: Word Jumbler – Sounds the same
Print and do: Word Jumbler - Sounds the same


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