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20 October 2014
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Place The Penguin

Curriculum Relevance |Objectives | Game Overview
How To Use With Interactive Whiteboard | How to use only small number of Computers

Curriculum Relevance
Ma 2 Number and Algebra/Levels 1 & 2

Breadth of Study
1c, 1f


  • Develop visual images of numbers
  • Recognise place value.
  • Know what each digit represents in 2 and 3 digit numbers.

Game Overview
The place value chart, similar to one designed by Gattegno, allows children to see the constituent parts of a number and how they combine together to make a composite number. It emphasises the use of zero as a placeholder. Note that the penguin must be 'dragged' all the way to the appropriate row before it will stay in place. Click on Dave to hear the number again.

If playing the game in Netscape you will need Flash Player 4.020 or above, in order to print out the results. There is an option to upgrade your Flash as you access each game.


How To Use With Interactive Whiteboard
  • Review key words: hundreds, tens, units, ones, and digit. Introduce the idea of the rows as 'the hundreds row, the tens row, the units row.'
  • Ask the children, 'What happens to the zero when the penguins huddle together?
  • Can you give me a number where the zero will still be showing after they huddle?
  • Talk about Antarctica and how cold it can be and what animals live there.

How to use only small number of Computers
As above, but whilst children are waiting their turn:
  • Give children 9 x 3 squared paper and ask them to make their own place value chart.
  • Ask children to take it in turns to choose a hundreds number to add to a tens number to add to a units number and write this as a three digit number.
  • Complete the print-off versions of Place The Penguin: 'Units and 10s'
    and 'Units, 10s and 100s'.
  • When playing online game ask children to work in groups of 2s and 3s depending on which level they're doing. Have them complete a row each for each number.

Radio programme 1
TV Programme 5
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