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20 October 2014
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How to use online activities

Blast the Rocket

Curriculum Relevance | Objectives | Game Overview
How To Use With Interactive Whiteboard | How to use only small number of Computers

Curriculum Relevance
Key Stage 1 NC Level: 2
KS 1 Level 2
En1 Speaking and Listening 1b, 5
En2 Reading 1e, 1g, 1h, 1k
En3 Writing 4b, 4c, 4e, 4f, 4i, 6, 7 a, 7b


Past tense


Game Overview
This game aims to help the child recognise past tense endings. The player has to fill the rocket with fuel to make it take off. To fuel the rocket, the player needs to help Star with her past tense spelling. Star reads out the words in the present tense and the machine offers a choice of spelling the word in the past tense. If the player clicks on the right spelling, some fuel passes from the machine into the rocket. If it's the wrong spelling, there is a 'wrong' sound and the next word is read out. It takes eight correctly spelt words to make the rocket take off. If the user gets 4 words right, the engines light up. If the user gets 6 words right, the rocket lights up. The machine has a HELP button that will show the relevant rule for the verb displayed, when clicked on. If playing the game in Netscape you will need Flash Player 4.020 or above, in order to print out the results. There is an option to upgrade your Flash as you access each game.


Whole class using Interactive White board
  • Re-cap on past tense rules. Talk about odd ones out/ irregular e.g. said, went. Write up examples putting present into past tense.
  • Bring up first screen and start game. Listen to Star's instructions. Go to the first word then click on help and talk through hints. Write up on board, to review later. Click close and return to word, ask children to call out the correct past tense. Repeat process for each word. Play game again. Suggested Questions: Are there any other verbs we know that follow the same pattern/rule?
  • To check and reinforce learning ask children to complete 'Blast The Rocket' printable version.

How to use only small number of Computers
  • As a class re-cap on past tense rules. Talk about odd ones out/ irregular e.g. said, went. Complete some examples using present into past tense. Talk about the differences.
  • Ask children playing online game to work in pairs. Bring up the first screen of Blast the Rocket, ask children to click on start and listen to Star's instructions. Recap on how to play. Draw attention to help facility and that clicking on Star will repeat the word.
  • Encourage children to use the help facility to collect useful hints, which they can share with the class later.
  • Whilst children wait to play online game ask them to interview their partner to find out how they started the day. Ask them to make notes of their partner's answers. Write up sample questions on board. E.g. What time did you get up? What did you have for breakfast? How did you get here? Ask them to write a summary of the interview in past tense. Write sample sentences on the board. E.g. Peter got out of bed at seven. He had porridge for breakfast. He left the house and eight. He walked to school. When he arrived he played football with his friends.
  • This could also link to a 'non-fiction' activity, ask children to report on an event in the past tense.

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