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20 October 2014
BBC Schools   Spelling with the Spellits
  Spelling with the Spellits

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Activity year 5 menu
If you've already completed some of the challenges, you can take up from where you've left off by clicking on one of the titles above.
Step 1
Print off the Spellits Clue List so you can write down each clue you get when you complete a Spelling Challenge.
Step 2
If you've completed some of the challenges already then click on the number of the next challenge you want to do.
Step 3
As you complete each spelling challenge, you will be given a clue to write
down on your Clue list.
Step 4
Finished all 8 spelling challenges? Click the Finished? button on the left to see Gypsy back in her stable!
Eyes! Ears! Brain! Print the Clue List
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