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20 October 2014
Rivers and Coasts Rivers and Coasts

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Rivers - Lesson Plan for Use Online

  • To know that a river has 3 distinct sections – upper, middle and lower course.
  • To identify different features along the course of a river.
Curriculum Relevance
  • England Key Stage 2 Geography 1a, 2a, 2d, 3d, 6c
  • Wales Key Stage 2 Geography 1.1, 1.4, 1.9, 1.10, 3.1
  • Northern Ireland Key Stage 2 Geography - The Environment
  • Scotland 5-14 Guidelines : People and Place - the Physical Environment
  • Empty display of a river with 3 sections labelled – upper, middle and lower course
  • Computer with access to the Internet
  • Notebooks and pencils
  • List of prepared questions derived from the web site
Teaching Activities

  • Children should have knowledge of the water cycle and an awareness of how rivers flow and erode.
  • Explain to class that during the lesson they will use the web site to research the upper course of a river.
  • Introduce the topics by showing them the animation of How Rivers Flow.
  • Explain that rivers have 3 distinct sections: upper, middle and lower.
  • Have a list of prepared questions such as
  1. At what speed is the water flowing?
  2. What features might they see?
  3. What does the landscape look like?
  4. How does a large river form?
  • Show them the sections they need to use for their research - pages 13-20.
  • Explain that they can use the glossary and animations to help them in their research.
  • Their findings will be used to complete the class display.
  • Children to work in pairs or individually and undertake research.
  • Write in notebooks or have prepared sheets for answers.
    • Extension
    • Lesson could be repeated for each different section of a river.
    • Discuss what the children have found out. Highlight key words or phrases. Each pair to write up findings for display.
    • Children to find a photograph of a river and identify whether it is the upper, middle or lower course.
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