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20 October 2014
Rivers and Coasts Rivers and Coasts

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Curriculum relevance


>Printable curriculum check-list for individual activities

    Geography KS2 6:
  • During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through the study of two localities and three themes:

    a a locality in the United Kingdom
    b a locality in a country that is less economically developed

    c water and its effects on landscapes and people, including the physical features of rivers [for example, flood plain] or coasts [for example, beach], and the processes of erosion and deposition that affect them
    d how settlements differ and change, including why they differ in size and character [for example, commuter village, seaside town], and an issue arising from changes in land use [for example, the building of new housing or a leisure complex]
    e an environmental issue, caused by change in an environment [for example, increasing traffic congestion, hedgerow loss, drought], and attempts to manage the environment sustainably [for example, by improving public transport, creating a new nature reserve, reducing water use].

    QCA Schemes of Work
  • Unit 14 for Year 6: Investigating rivers
  • Unit 23 for Years 5/6: Investigating coasts

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Printable curriculum check-list for individual activities

  • Main Curricula Area : Environmental Studies – Society, Science and Technology

  • Social Subjects : People and Place

  • Science : Earth and Space, Energy and Forces

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Printable curriculum check-list for individual activities

    Pupils should be taught to use geographical enquiry and skills to study:
  • The theme of environmental change, which should involve work at more than one scale
  • The enquiry approach is to the fore and the relevancy of the units for Wales, with the emphasis on environmental importance is covered by the sections on people and rivers/coasts.

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Northern Ireland

Printable curriculum check-list for individual activities

    Thematic content : Weather, The environment
  • Geographical skills should be developed and reinforced, for the most part as an integral part of the work undertaken to deliver the thematic content.

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