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20 October 2014
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Passover - 15 April 2014

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Questions answered

What are the four questions asked by the youngest child?

Traditionally at the beginning of the Seder the youngest child present asks the following four questions:

  • Why do we eat unleavened bread?
  • Why do we eat bitter herbs?
  • Why do we dip our food in liquid?
  • Why do we eat in a reclining position?

What do the different types of food on the Seder plate symbolise?

A Seder Plate
  • The lamb bone symbolises the sacrifice brought to the temple in Jerusalem on the afternoon before Passover.
  • The egg is another symbol of sacrifice but also has another meaning. Food usually becomes soft when cooked, but eggs become harder. So the egg symbolises the Jews' determination not to give up their beliefs while they were slaves in Egypt.
  • The lettuce dipped in salt water is a reminder of the slaves tears.
  • The bitter herbs symbolise the bitter suffering of the Israelites in Egypt.
  • The charoset represents the mortar used by the Israelites to make bricks while enslaved in Egypt.
  • Four cups of wine remind Jews of the four times God promised freedom to the Israelites, and to symbolise liberty and joy.

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