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The PSHE & Citizenship website offers resources for teachers to engage 14-19 year olds in Personal, Social, Health, Economic and Citizenship education. The resources have been mapped to the curricula for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales by specialist consultants. Lessons are based around video stories featuring young people talking about their personal experiences. Each of the stories has activities and PDF handouts that can be used in the classroom.

Due to the differences in terminology used across the UK for this subject, we have carried out extensive background work to tag the content with terminology that will allow all teachers to find the content they need regardless of their location. Please let us know if you experience any problems. We are also open to suggestions on how to make the resources better for you.

An experienced group of consultants have helped us identify the common topics across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales so that teachers can find the areas of study easily across the UK. The two main areas of study are Economic Wellbeing and Personal Wellbeing. Within these two areas there are sub areas as follows:

Economic Wellbeing

  • Business & Enterprise
  • Careers
  • Managing Finances
  • Risk

Personal Wellbeing

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Personal Identity
  • Relationships

EastEnders E20

This specially commissioned E20 series supports PSHE provision for students aged 14 and over. Teachers will be able to use and trust the series as a stimulus for discussion about difficult topics including sexual abuse and homophobic name-calling, as well as girl gang bullying and teen violence.

The series features fictional teenage characters with whom students can easily identify and uses contemporary teen music and (street) language. Its powerful and action-packed story-lines with explicit links with the BBC One EastEnders series together with associated web content (including a bespoke and fun E20 Whodunnit?), behind-the-scenes video extras, Twitter / Facebook social activity and a sexy cast will engage and motivate students.

Teachers and pupils have been involved throughout the writing and production process, and have contributed realistic storylines, which reflect current concerns in the classroom.


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