Alison - first time sex (pt 1/3)

Short clip of the story

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Extract from drama 'Alison'. Alison and childhood sweetheart Terry meet when older and look back at their time together. Teenager Alison is vulnerable, she is not used to drinking alcohol and is not getting positive support from her friends. Here Alison meets a man from her past, while her friends and some local boys are at a nightclub.

Ideas for use in classroom

This clip is a very good starting point for a range of discussions/individual or group activities. Student diaries, how do your experiences compare with those of Alison and her friends? What are the pull/push factors? It could be used for starting a topic on 'Developing a Healthy, Safer Lifestyle'. Many young people start experimenting with alcohol, drugs and sex around their mid-teens. It is important for them to be aware of dangers, consequences and appropriate support networks.

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