Coping with anorexia

Short clip of the story

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A teenage girl called Lizzie is interviewed by BBC radio presenter Aled Haydn Jones. She describes her experiences of anorexia and how she overcame it. The radio show is fictional but the caller and her experiences are real. Aled interviews child psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin about anorexia among teenagers and eating disorders generally.

Ideas for use in classroom

Interview with teenager; As a starter to examine mental and emotional health issues. As a stimulus for discussion. As an introduction to a research task about different types of mental health issues among young people. Students construct questions to ask the teenager interviewed. Students write or discuss what they think the causes and consequences of anorexia might be for teenage sufferers and then watch the clip to extend discussion. Illustrate one type of mental health problem among young people. Consider personal responses to the particular issue. Model for role play or hotseating task about different mental health problems among young people. As a plenary or mini-plenary with students taking the role of someone giving advice to Lizzie Interview with child psychologist; As a plenary or mini-plenary and have students construct questions to ask the psychologist. To extend teacher understanding.

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