Personal Wellbeing

Students learn to identify and articulate emotions, to manage new or difficult situations effectively and the importance of stable and positive relationships. Through discussion of social and moral issues, students explore their own set of personal values. Each area of study link to video stories with teaching resources that can be used in the classroom.

Healthy Lifestyles

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Mental and emotional health is influenced by a range of factors. Students learn to make informed choices to maintain their own health and to understand the short and long term consequences of their behaviour on themselves and others.

Personal Identity

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Through exploration of personal identity, culture and history, students learn to develop a sense of who they are, their aspirations and ambitions. This helps to value themselves, to celebrate their achievements, and the importance of contributing to the wider community.


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Through making stable relationships, students gain support and guidance which helps them to cope in times of change and pressure. The ability to establish and maintain supportive relationships is crucial to enjoying, achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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