Samantha's Character Monologue - Power

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Samantha tells us in her monologue that she didn't mean to make Danny jealous with Shaki, but in the drama, which is based on court reports, we know that she had told Shakilus she was single, and had lied to Danny about where and who she had been with. We also hear her say in the monologue that it's good that Danny is popular. Do you think there's an added attraction for her because he's the leader of a gang?

"I know that he loves me...because half an hour later we're back in bed"

Samantha is 15 years old. The age of consent is 16. Students should be encouraged to discuss underage sex.

In this monologue Samantha talks about her relationship with Danny. Students should be encouraged to discuss and debate her views and to explore what a healthy relationship is. Ask the students to define 'respect' in a relationship.

Students could draw up a list of reasons why people may want to be in a relationship and the positive things someone should expect to get from being in a healthy relationship.

Why is Samantha justifying Danny's behaviour and character?

"Danny's funny at times too. Not a lot of people know that but I do. And those are the things that attracted me to him not because he's meant to be some BIG Gang's good that he's looked up to by others - it shows that he's popular and I'm the lucky girl on his arm".

Teacher Resources

Handout 1 - Relationships

Handout 2 - Rights, responsibilities and the law

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