Rugrat's Character Monologue - Gang Culture

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We hear Rugrat say in his monologue that his group of friends are not a real gang and they are just "good boys" but we see in the drama, which is based on court reports, that they wore orange clothing and bandanas to identify themselves as being part of a certain group. Rugrat also describes their activities as "just jokes" but we see him and the rest of the group threatening bus passengers in one scene, and arming themselves for a fight in another. There seems to be a difference between Rugrat's perception of his group of friends and the public's perception of them. On the day that Shakilus was murdered it was likely he was aware that several people had weapons.

This monologue is intended to provoke discussion about violent gangs, and the harm that they might cause. Rugrat tries to describe and play down the 'normal' things that gang members are involved with, such as music, school, cracking jokes or walking a dog. Students should be encouraged to challenge Rugrat's opinion, based on what they know about gangs from the media and the information in Handout 4 - Facts about Gang Culture

Rugrat says "We ain't no gang". What do students think? Define a gang.

Rugrat also ridicules the role of the police in protecting people in his area. Students can examine if they think he is right, and discuss the situation in their own areas.

Teacher Resources

Handout 3 - Gang Culture

Handout 4 - Facts about Gang Culture

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