Danny's Character Monologue - Respect

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In Danny's monologue we hear him talking about the importance of getting respect and in the drama we see that he is the leader of a gang. Why might it be important to Danny that people look up to him? He also tells us that if he was to "let it slide" with Samantha and Shaki "he would have thought he's gotton away with it, the mandem would have thought he'd gotton away with it and he'd have been left looking like a fool, reputation done" what better ways would there be to deal with this situation?

Danny says he has "a reputation to uphold". What are the consequences of Danny's need to maintain respect? His strong opinions can be used to spark discussion amongst students on the different definitions of 'respect' and what the law expects from individuals.

"You have to disrespect to get respect".

Every person should have the right to be respected. Do the students think that the lengths Danny is willing to go to in order to get respect is justified?

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